Alchemy Stars on iOS and Android by Tourdog Studio, andTencent Games

Join the mystical world of Astra - Pick your path, plan your strategy, and dominate the forces of evil in this brand new mobile RPG!

General Information

Developer - Tourdog Studio, Tencent Games

Publisher - Tencent Games

Release - 2021

Platform(s) - Google Play, App Store, iOS and Android

Number of Players - Single Player, Multiplayer

Genre - Mobile RPG, Strategy, RPG

Alchemy Stars is set in a fantasy world that combines science and magic, with an innovative strategic gameplay and original turn-based combat where players have to master elemental attributes to formulate the best plan of attack. There is an optional auto-combat mode available, making the game accessible to RPG fans of any skill level.

A vibrant and diverse cast of heroes are at the heart of the game’s unique appeal. Each of the heroes’ unique personalities are showcased through their intricately detailed character models, wardrobes, and stunning battle animations. Tourdog Studio have cast star-studded voiceover actors to breathe life into the world of Alchemy Stars, including some of the most notable Japanese voice talent: Yuichi Nakamura and Kana Hanazawa. New to the cast will be Japanese actress Tomori Kusunoki, known for her voiced character in popular anime and games titles, including Love Live!, Azur Lane, Kirara Fantasia, Märchen Mädchen, and Revue Starlight. Tomori will voice Vice, an Illumina expedition captain responsible for the search and excavation of ancient ruins.

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