2112TD: Tower Defense Survival by Refinery Games

Get ready for the ULTIMATE tower defense onslaught. Build, deploy, research and upgrade your defenses in this epic, old school RTS inspired sci-fi adventure.

General Information

Developer - Refinery Games

Publisher - Refinery Games

Genre -Strategy, Tower Defense, Action, Singleplayer, Sci-fi, Old School, Top-Down

Platform(s) - Google Play, Apple Store, Steam

Date Released - 19 Jan, 2023

Social Media

Set 100 years in the future, battle inter-dimensional flesh spawn across the solar system and defend Earth's colonies from complete annihilation.

The pace is steady, but the stakes are high as the relentless hordes amass in an effort to overrun your mobile command centre.

Unlike traditional TD games, you will be relying heavily on micro-managing dynamic action-based abilities. As you progress deeper into the campaign airstrikes, charged attacks, fortification walls and the tactical drone will become increasingly vital and deploying them strategically will be paramount.

Mistakes won’t go unpunished so stay frosty, learn from your blunders and endure to fight another day. Without pain there can be no gain!

2112td-tower-defense-survival 2112td-tower-defense-survival
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