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"The folks at Vox Odyssey are wizards, I tell ya, WIZARDS!!! Using their magic to respond to queries and requests so fast it appears to exceed the limits of time and space"

Chris from the LCP DnD podcast

"Vox Odyssey was crazy fast in utilizing my content to create a great page for our game. They outran me by a mile!"

Jumbler - Bandit Interactive

"Getting our game featured on Vox Odyssey was incredibly quick and easy. We look forward to this valuable partnership!"

Boogie Bot - From the end games

"Vox Odyssey has made it really easy to get the word out for my game, Dark Era RPG. When you are a solo designer or part of a small team, every dollar counts and having people like these guys is a great help. I truly recommend backing Vox Odyssey's Patreon."

Chris, West Legacy Group

"The guys at Vox Odyssey have been super attentive an patient! The process was both swift and smooth, I don't think I could have asked for better treatment."

DB Hounds - Masked Hero Studio

"Working with Vox Odyssey is a pleasure - really good contact, fast realization and good quality. I recommend this service!"

Space Drift Endless Flight - Omnifun Games

"I liked how carefully worked Vox Odyssey with my page, not missing a single detail"

Spaceship Commander - Yaroslav Sokolov

"Vox Odyssey was professional, dedicated and efficient with my time while setting up a great page for my game. I could not be more pleased".

Jaws of Hell - William McCain

"VoxOdyssey. Simple as Einstein calculating what he would have for dinner. Great experience overall"!


"We couldn't imagine how professional and dedicate the VoxOdyssey team is. Congrats!"


"James from Vox Odyssey has been a pleasure to deal with. He is patient and strives to get the best for his clients. Well recommended!"

Justin Heasman, CEO Nonagon Three Limited for The Ultimate Games Master UGM

"Vox Odyssey is super friendly and quickly helped me throught all the steps to get a page! The website looks super clean and works fast even on devices with Javascript and Cookies disabled!"


"I was amazed by how fast the process was and the team of Vox Odyssee was very nice"


"If I could express my satisfaction of working with Vox Odyssey in three expressions, they would be: Fantastic, Wonderful, and Very Good."

Cthulhu Catharsis

"Vox Odyssey works really fast and helps video-gamess get noticed, they are a very professional team!"


"The guys at Vox Odyssey are a pleasure to work with; and we are happy to be here, we look forward to a bright future for their site. Thank you"

Pea Head Games

"Vox Odyssey was a pleasure to work with, not to mention very generous to video-games developers like me!"

World of Farland

"Vox Odyssey is very supportive of video-games devs and great to work with!"

Ghost Lord Games

"Vox Odyssey was a complete joy to work with. The support was amazing and the quality, well just take a look at our Kitten Epic page for yourself."

PoleCat Games

"It's been a pleasure working with the guys at Vox Odyssey, making a preview of my game Danger Grid. Looking forward to reading more game content from this site in the future"

Games Like Forever

"People at Vox Odyssey made awesome page for Vanilla Moon game very quickly. Thank you, guys, I'm happy to be here."

Marian Pekar

"The people at Vox Odyssey were super supportive of what I'm hoping to accomplish with Infinus and couldn't be easier to work with. They're providing great support for the video-games gaming community!!"

Colby Tyson

"Vox Odyssey has been a pleasure to work with. Masterfully autonomous and very accommodating".

Ryan Kwok

"Vox Odyssey was responsive and worked with us on what we wanted. Working with Vox Odyssey was a great, hassle free experience."

Ouch Giver Games

"It's been great to work with them! Quick and very responsive!"


"Vox Odyssey created our site almost immediately and responded quickly to our requests. We are very thankful for all the work they have put into this."

Team BattleSense

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